At a time when faith in Big Pharma is crumbling you bring your years of knowledge and passion for integrated medicine to the table for the benefit of real health. Your patience and compassion is appreciated beyond words.

Pauline White,  Newcastle, Australia

Excelente profesional, serio y atento. De un trato cercano, se preocupa por el paciente y explica todo al detalle. Es de agradecer la puntualidad en las citas y el ambiente relajante que ofrece la clínica.

Begoña Pérez, Bilbao.

A doctor with medical expertise and who is on the forward edge of new and alternative approaches. His advice and insight have proved to be of great help to me. He has viewed and evaluated blood test results to guide me with a difficult issue, and this guidance has been invaluable. Above all, this is a very personally concerned practitioner who cares about each and every one of his patients

Richard Lipner, New York